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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Solar-Powered PCs - Interesting!

I don't normally comment on the endless marketing emails I get from suppliers, however, recently I had an interesting marketing email come to be via a colleague. The email was from UCC Suppliers Limited, please see below for its contents:

Please find attached information about the Solar Power PC’s and a link to YouTube so you can have a look for yourself how it looks in other schools:

I just wanted to let you know of this latest technology schools and colleges are purchasing, I am not sure if you are looking at purchasing any new PC’s at the moment or it could be something you can start planning for now.

Below is a quick overview:

How does it work? 
Instead of a classroom with lots of individual computers for each user, small terminal
connections attach to a high-powered server that runs software to manage them. The
server takes power from a ‘power bank’ battery storing 12v DC energy generated from
solar power.

Each terminal acts and appears to the end user to do the same thing as a normal PC,
however each uses drastically less power, take less space and cost much less to install.
Servers can run up to 20 user terminals consisting of LCD display, mouse and keyboard.

What are the benefits?

Cut energy usage: the server and terminals run at only 25 to 40 watts per day,
reducing the unit consumption per user to as little as half a watt per hour. This
is around 200 to 300 times less than a desktop PC.

Renewable source: 12v compatibility allows the system to run almost directly
from a rooftop solar PV panels via a ‘power bank’ battery set up that can be charged
from the panel or mains electricity.

No heat, no noise: 12v powered systems run cooler than conventional PCs,
resulting in a better working environment and no need for air conditioning units.
No bills: Energy bills cut by up to 90%. The BeCarbon Neutral ICT solution will pay
for itself within two to three years of these energy savings.

Up-to-date technology: easy to use, powerful enough to run Autodesk®
hi tech visualisation software and is a great system fit for Design, Engineering
and Construction courses. Uses the latest Microsoft Multipoint Server Software
and has a Windows 7 look and feel.

Environmentally friendly: 90% landfill reduction

Control: teachers can monitor and control pupils’ learning experience from
their own terminal.

We can come to you with a demo to show you how it would work for you and explain more of the savings you would make. Not sure if you have carbon footprint targets to work with as this would help towards if not beat it!

If you would like more information or to set up a date for a demo please let me know.