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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

@martindalepaul at #IPACA

Last Thursday (9th May, 2013) we were very luck to be joined at IPACA by Paul Martindale (@martindalepaul), Deputy Headteacher from the magical Jesmond Gardens. Paul shared with IPACA colleagues how pedagogy, learning spaces and technology to create an amazing learning experience at Jesmond Gardens Primary School.

More information on Jesmond Gardens Primary School - The school is a new 315 place school (with 26 full time nursery places) designed to replace, as part of Hartlepool’s Primary Capital Programme, an existing Victorian school built on a nearby site. The 2,055 sqm school is designed around principles of transformational learning, which encourages the use of personalised, independent learning approaches that reflect a child’s stage, rather than age. 

Jesmond Gardens has a central ‘heart’ area that was designed to enable expansion of the teaching areas and main hall.  The two can be linked together, or separated, providing agile options for assembly, lunch times, and to house the thriving parent community. Similarly, the circulation spaces can be used as ICT-enabled extensions to the learning spaces.

Internal and external space works to provide an integrated environment.  In addition to a trim trail, MUGA and sports pitch, the design also incorporates allotments and a wildlife area that provides a habitat zone.

A copy of the brilliant material shared by Paul Martindale is included below: