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Monday, 11 May 2015

How Colour Affects Learning

Does the colour of your classroom affect learning outcomes? What effect do different colours have on the behaviour and attainment of your students? And does it really matter?
The team at Space Oasis are often asked what colour a classroom ‘should’ be, but like most things there’s no one right answer. Slapping on a few litres of magnolia tends to be standard classroom d├ęcor, but a little knowledge goes a long way and in their latest article Space Oasis look at the meaning of colour and its impact on learning environments.

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The colour of learning: the impact of colour within classrooms
Simply using industrial quantities of soft-sheen magnolia paint in schools, sometimes complimented by a dash of maroon or navy gloss, ignores research and knowledge about the meaning of colour and the effect it has on students.

“The amateur, convinced he/she has good ‘colour sense’ and able to choose colours intuitively and do it well, ventures to offer opinions often in conflict with the professional.” So wrote Robert Samuels and Harry Stephens in their 1997 report, ‘Colour and Light in Schools’. In their research they say that without any guidelines around colour principles, decisions become based on personal, fashionable or political tastes rather than on evidence or best practice.

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