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Monday, 13 October 2014

Triss Rossin - Tute, Head of Pedagogy

Just read this great blog post from Triss Rossin who is Head of Pedagogy for Tute (pioneering company providing live online teaching into schools to support learners needing highly-targeted intervention). In the post, Triss explores the changing landscape of education and pays particular attention to 'online-learning'.

He concludes, 'Learning online satisfies an ever expanding cohort because learning can exist anywhere. The world is so vast but so close to learners now that a classroom may be more a collective of their peers rather than a traditional environment for lessons. Flipped learning promises pupils an education they can shape and pace, yet central to the ethos of any independent learning, and indeed any exploration of the world, is the requirement to know what to seek, where to find it and who to share it with'.

At IPACA Sixth Form we are using Tute to deliver three A-Level courses this year, Law, Further Maths and Polish. All three students taking these courses are loving their experience so far and I hope to use this blog to tell you more about the process in the near future.  

Friday, 10 October 2014

Flipped #IPACALearn

Broadcast on Wednesday 1st October, 2014, BBC Radio 4's 'The Educators' focused on Salman Khan, the man behind the world-famous Khan Academy.

 In the programme, full episode available here, Salman Khan talks about how and why he set up the not-for-profit organisation. He tells Sarah Montague why he believes lesson time in school could be spent more effectively if the explanation of new ideas is done at home, with students watching video lectures, in a process known as 'flipped learning'.

 The programme features a lesson at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy taken by one of our Joint Interim Principals Mr. Marklew. In the lesson, Mr. Marklew uses Khan Academy to support his Year 8 pupils understanding of the 'Nth Term'. See below for a short extract -


Friday, 3 October 2014

Why I am at @CEFPI2014?

I am currently in Portland, Oregon for the CEFPI Annual Conference 2014 to present at a Super Seminar on Saturday morning. The visit which has been fully funded by UK Learning will also see me visit a number of innovative schools both in and around Portland and Seattle.
In my Super Seminar session I will be joined by Terry White of Nova Co-Design and Director of UK Learning and Gary Overton of AHR Architects. Together we will explain explain why the vision and approach to learning that is being developed at IPACA is critical for successful  learning for students, teachers and local learning communities irrespective of global location.
We will be joined by Google Hangout by IPACA Patron Stephen Heppell who will identify the need for more collaborative working and team working for both students and staff and demonstrate the value and gains of“real” and empowered student engagement in the design and use of learning spaces. 
I will be discussing how technology is a key enabler for learning and its use and design implications for the organization of individuals and group work activity.
The Primary Objective of this “Portland to Portland” workshop,  will be to demonstrate the importance of a strong vision and pedagogy driving the design and organization of learning. There will be a strong focus on the importance of an integrated design team working with and on behalf of the learners teachers and educational clients and stakeholders. 
We believe this workshop will appeal to a wide range of delegates and place practical examples of   innovation around learning at the heart of what we are creating day by day at Portland UK, Portland, Oregon and internationally. 
The session is intended to be interactive throughout share and building on the contributions of all delegates.