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Monday, 13 October 2014

Triss Rossin - Tute, Head of Pedagogy

Just read this great blog post from Triss Rossin who is Head of Pedagogy for Tute (pioneering company providing live online teaching into schools to support learners needing highly-targeted intervention). In the post, Triss explores the changing landscape of education and pays particular attention to 'online-learning'.

He concludes, 'Learning online satisfies an ever expanding cohort because learning can exist anywhere. The world is so vast but so close to learners now that a classroom may be more a collective of their peers rather than a traditional environment for lessons. Flipped learning promises pupils an education they can shape and pace, yet central to the ethos of any independent learning, and indeed any exploration of the world, is the requirement to know what to seek, where to find it and who to share it with'.

At IPACA Sixth Form we are using Tute to deliver three A-Level courses this year, Law, Further Maths and Polish. All three students taking these courses are loving their experience so far and I hope to use this blog to tell you more about the process in the near future.  

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