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Monday, 26 November 2012

Big Bad Wolf Wanted Poster

A colleague asked me today if it was possible to create some fun and engaging wanted posters for a unit of work on the Three Little Pigs. I came up with the above image using nothing other than an iPad. See below for my solution: 

I used FaceGoo HD to manipulate my image (this App is free and contains some wolf-like hair to add to the image). I then used Pic-Collage to make the poster. Pic-Collage is another brilliant free App that even the very youngest of children can use with no problem at all.

There are free 'wanted poster creators' in the App Store, however, one is a Facebook App and the other contains shooting sounds as it loads, which is not suitable for a classroom environment. Other 'wanted poster creators' are paid apps but may be worth looking at if the above is not suitable.