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Tuesday, 6 November 2012 Remembrance Wall

Today I published my first Blog post: to our website. This is an idea I took from two users on Twitter who had done a similar project (@DeputyMitchell - and @MrGsBrain - I used to create the below wall which I hope will be used by the whole IPACA community to remember those lost in conflict.

The following is information taken from that others may find useful to find our more about wallwisher and how it can be used:

What is wallwisher?
Wallwisher is an Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily.

What is a wall?
A wall is basically the 'web page' where people actually post messages.

What can I do with Wallwisher?
You can make Pizza by frying 20 grams of Wallwisher in Evian mineral water. Other than that, you can use wallwisher for:
  • Personal note taking
  • To-do lists
  • Party Invitations
  • Feedback Collection
  • Wishing people on occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries
  • Anything that might need input from a lot of people, eg. a Mac Vs PC wall (that'll be a war, not a wall actually).

What if I just want a private wall?
Yes you can set a wall to be private. In that case only you can see or add notes to the wall. Ideal for personal stuff like things-to-do.

Do I need to sign up to make a wall?
No you don’t need to. You can start building a wall straight away. We will, however, need your email address. A temporary account will be created for you using your email address so that you can come back and make changes to the wall. You can use this account for all your subsequent visits to this site, or if you dislike us so much, keep using the site as a stranger.

Do people need an account to post on a wall?

How much does it cost?
Its kinda expensive.. After all the taxes are taken into account, the whole thing costs 32*2 – 16*4 = $0;

What is this Google logging thingy?
As you know, Google is trying to take over the world. One of the ways it wants to do that is by allowing Google users to use their Google accounts to log into external services. This saves you from keeping 20,000 different accounts, and makes Google more powerful (if that was possible).

How safe is my information?
It is extremely safe. The floppy disks that we use to store your data are kept in climate-controlled enclosures behind bullet proof glass. On a more serious note, yes, it is safe. We value your security as we value ours. If you log in through Google or OpenID, your password is not stored on our machines. Now who are we to question Google or OpenID on security? When you have a native Wallwisher account, first, we don’t ask you for any personal information other than your name or email, and our programmers here make sure that too is kept "bullet proof". Happy now?

How do I post on the wall?
Double click anywhere on the wall, buddy..!

Why do some names have quotes around them while some don’t?
A quoted name means the user is not registered with Wallwisher.

When I move stickies, some are moved permanently while some are not. Why so?
That is cos you can move a sticky permanently only if:
  • You created the wall
  • You posted the sticky note
If you try to move any other message, it moves for you only for that session. This is necessary to ensure that you are able to enjoy all the features of a wall (dragging etc), without making permanent changes to anyone else’s post.

Why the 160 character limit on text?
We are not trying to copy Twitter, we swear. Basically when we ran our private beta, someone hijacked the whole wall pretty much by copy pasting some news articles for the heck of it. We also realized that people were not reading large chunks of text anyway. A 160 character limit, a standard for SMS on cell phones, was thus introduced so that in a way the page is auto moderated to have a meaningful input from a user.