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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Clevertouch Fusion Multi 42"

Today was a great day as I had the first opportunity to work with a small group of IPACA Digital Leaders. Digital Leaders are learners who will support me in my role as Director of Digital Learning Innovation as I explore the new technologies that will support teaching and learning here at IPACA. In total, thirteen Digital Leaders from throughout IPACA visited Southwell Business Park to explore the Clevertouch Fusion Multi 42" which had been lent to IPACA by Hugh Symons.

The Clevertouch Fusion incorporates an inbuilt PC, a multi touch screen, and an electronic mobile stand. It is essentially three products in one – an interactive easel, table, or whiteboard. Please see below for reviews from our Digital Leaders (coming soon) and a video showcasing the Digital Leaders hard at work.

If you would like any further information  on the Clevertouch Fusion Multi 42" you can contact Alicia Asquith (Hugh Symons AV Account Manager) on the below contact details:

Email -
Mobile - 07989345359
Website -