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Monday, 5 November 2012

Building Learning Power

Steven Watson from tlo (The Learning Organisation) shared with IPACA the skills of 'Developing Outstanding Learners' at RM Campus on Monday 5th November, 2012.

Session 1 -

We began by thinking - How do we want our learnes to be?

Each table thought about the above question and selected four key words -

My table -

- Respectful
- Responsible
- Curious (adventurous, active)
- Self-evaluative

Other key thoughts from the room-

- Listening
- Active
- Social learners
- Adventurous
- Good starter/finisher

Range of key words were then explored through the role of a 19th Century Clerk and a 21st Century Explorer. Where do our learners sit? Is there a difference between Primary and Secondary? Which list would Ofsted like to see?

How can we teach the content while developing 21st Century skills?

Time for a picture -

Do we have to tie our learners up?

"Schools are places where children go to watch teachers working hard" - Unknown

How do we get the children engaged? Involved? Active?

Activity - Track Puzzle -
The tracks in the snow tell a whole story. This is Station Road, half-an-hour after the accident which later made headline news in the local paper. Can you work out what happened?

For the above task the group had an 'observer' who reflected on the learning process and explored 'Emotional Engagement', 'Cognitive Range', 'Strategic Responsibility', 'Interpersonal Involvement'.

Thoughts on what was happening in the room -

- Being Curious
- Asking Questions
- Sharing Ideas
- Communicating Effectively
- Adapting
- Using Time Well
- Reviewing the situation

Young children are naturally curious - the average 3 year old asks 270 questions a day! In Reception this drops to 40 questions a day....! How many questions do our KS2, KS3 and KS4 learners ask?

Your Learning Powered Mind -

Session 2 -

Some quiet reflection time -

How's your learning fitness?

Where are your learning strengths and areas of relative weakness?

If we chase results we lose track of our Learning Powered Mind -Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Reciprocity.

Explore matrix -

What do we currently do to enable students to build these habits?

What more might we do?

Things to try - some quick wins:

Getting unstuck wellies -

Self-monitoring levels of distraction -

Injecting challenge into lessons -

Try some things out, just to see what happens...

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