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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Well Designed Learning Spaces

This is fairly old research that has been recycled again for perhaps the fourth or fifth time, but it still holds so much value for me.

Love the quote, 'whole-school factors, such as facilities and size, had less impact than the design of individual rooms'. I wonder how many of us think about this as much as other elements of our teaching and learning?

We are excited here at IPACA to be involved in the Professor Stephen Heppell led LEARNOMETER project (

The LEARNOMETER research project has sought to build something of an algorithm for learning. Alongside data from the students' own views about their learning experience, a clever little box has been created by Friend of IPACA Tom Stacey (@Code_ED) to measure, and report back on, a wide range of physical variables that we know are important to learning:

light levels;
sound volumes and rhythms;
air pollution;
air pressure

We hope to share some of our findings in due course.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

#SID2015 - Parent/Carer Q&A

For our final Live Google Hangout we were joined by two parents, Nicky and Melissa. In this session we explored the challenges of being parents and ensuring our children are kept safe while online.

You can watch the whole video here -

#SID2015 - Is SnapChat Safe?

For our final student Live Google Hangout of Safer Internet Day 2015, I was joined again by Jude at Royal Manor Campus and Mr. Coelho in the IPACA Sixth Form Centre. Together we talk briefly about SnapChat as a tool and consider it's limitations.

Watch the full video below -

#SID2015 - Is Minecraft Addictive?

Our second 'Live Google Hangout' for Safer Internet Day 2015 looked at the question, is Minecraft Addictive? We were joined by Jude from Royal Manor Campus and pupils from West Base 2 at Osprey Quay Campus.

See below for the entire Live Hangout in full -

#SID2015 Is Facebook Anti-Social?

We have just had an IPACA first, a 'Live Google Hangout' with students from across the Academy taking part. See below for a highlights reel which explores the question - Is Facebook Anti-Social?