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Monday, 31 March 2014

#GAFE in Music (@IPACA_Music)

Martyn Mullender (@IPACA_Music), Head of Music here at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy has been having some fun incorporating Google Forms into his teaching of Music. He has had some great results as the below shows -

Martyn says, "This is a first attempt, since finishing it last night I've decided to experiment with using using sound cloud as I then don't have to covert the audio into video each time as recommended by Google. I think it has enormous potential and I've also experimented with getting students to watch a video of an orchestra playing live on YouTube and answering questions via a form as our students don't get the chance to see and hear a live symphony orchestra".

When working on a similar form with Year 8 students Martyn asks students to comment on the following questions -

What did you enjoy about this homework?

"I liked concentrating on the music and listening to all the different kinds of instruments and noticing them."

"I found it very interesting. I did enjoy doing this homework because it is different to all the different types of homework that we get set."

"Actually listening to the pieces and answering questions instead of just been given questions about music in general and having to answer them."

"I liked this homework because you were able to concentrate on a piece of music and analyse thoroughly. It was also really listen to the pieces in depth."

"It was fun to do because it was interactive with YouTube."

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