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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

First Mystery Skype Call


Year 6 students from the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy tried their first ever mystery Skype call today with Mr Spracklen and Mrs Taylor. The picture above shows the students in Iowa crowded around the laptop to talk to us here on Portland.

The below report was written by two IPACA students -
It was exciting setting it all up and waiting for the call to come through. Mr Spracklen explained that this was the first time we had tried this at IPACA.
It proved to be quite tricky as we had to identify where our mystery callers were in the world.
The questions could only be answered with yes or no.
We found out they were in America, not in Illinois but it does have a letter I in the name of the state. Also, we found they were based near Chicago (no more than 5 hours away).
We also found they were in Iowa.
What a fun afternoon.
Thanks Mr Spracklen!

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