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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#CEFPI Highlight 2 - Irene Nigaglioni (@INigaglioni)

Irene Nigaglioni (President of CEFPI), shared the work of CEFPI which was established in 1921 as a not-for-profit-organisation whose sole mission is improving the places where children learn. CEFPI has 3500 members worldwide, primarily in America, Canada, Australia, Asia and other regions.

Irene also shared a number of ranging projects from around the world, these included:

Alfriston College, Manurewa

At Alfriston College they recognise that the learning needs of 21st Century students require schools to provide differentiated, personalised and culturally appropriate learning programmes to ensure all learners have the opportunities to pursue their talents and interests in the manner, and to the level best suited to their individual potential. This requires that the concepts of learning, assessment and achievement be constantly challenged, and reshaped to match learners needs. Success or achievement is no longer measured through information recall or examination outcomes alone; it is in the development of key competencies [thinking, using language, symbols, and texts, managing self, relating toothers and participating and contributing]. The school believes that students should be given the opportunity to develop and demonstrate these competencies through a range of contexts including: academic, sporting, cultural and social successes. They believe that this will enable learners to be en-powered and value learning for the enjoyment of it and also for the great personal and social worth that it is.

Solar Powered Internet School

Addressing a common resource challenge faced by several rural African communities, Samsung are piloting Solar-powered Internet Schools as part of the programme in SA, Kenya and Nigeria. Samsung are investing ahead of the curve as we envisage explosive innovation and uptake of Solar-Powered electronics in Africa, thus creating commensurate workforce.

Hingaia Peninsula School, Auckland

Hingaia Peninsula School is a brand new state school for Years 0-8 situated on the Hingaia Peninsula, near Karaka, Auckland. The school opened in February 2012 and currently has 92 students in two learning studios.

Milan Center for Innovative Studies

Milan's Center for Innovative Studies is a unique experience designed for the senior year and emphasizes the development of 21st century skills.  Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills within a project-based learning culture working toward career and college readiness.

Over the course of the year students work in teams on predesigned projects and student created projects that either present ideas for solving real world problems or create a product that addresses a target market.  Internships, influential speakers, business partnerships, technology integration, and effective communication are an emphasis in the center. 

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