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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

#CEFPI Highlight 1 - Alison Watson (@classofyourown)

Alison Watson spoke about the brilliant ‘Class of Your Own’. Alison came from a professional planning background and explained how in the past couple of years she has spent as much time in the classroom as on the construction site.

Alison explained to us how her workshops, projects and opportunities have provided young people with a genuine sense of empowerment. This is the case because they are taken seriously in an adult world. Alison shared how she has seen some amazing research, spectacular presentations and incredible confidence, met with thought provoking debate. It was clear that Alison has been inspired by the learners motivation and teamwork.

Class of Your Own think it's about time that younger students have a better grasp of the architecture, engineering and construction industry and all that it offers. The project delivers this through a brand new, different kind of curriculum which grabs the imagination of the learner well before he or she makes important life changing decisions regarding GCSE choices, and offers a helping hand from visiting industry professionals.

The classofyourown® Design, Engineer, Construct! project based curriculum challenges young people to create a sustainable building where the whole community can learn about all things green in their very own Eco Classroom.

Learners get creative to tackle the challenges faced by today's industry professionals and ultimately discover real life applications of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In a fully supported programme using professional Autodesk® hi tech visualisation software, students can bring their eco friendly designs to life.

There are a number of routes to success. Design, Engineer, Construct! can be offered as a full qualification attracting league table points via the ITQ (equivalent to 1 GCSE), or via the popular exam free Edexcel 'Project' framework (equivalent to half a GCSE). Alternatively, schools can offer the programme as part of the general KS3 Design and Technology curriculum, or embedded in PHSE, or even as an after school club. Whichever way you please, it's an effective way to equip learners with the skills required to support personal and career development.

Watch this space – the next generation of iconic buildings are about to be designed, engineered and constructed in the classrooms of your own school...

Want to know more? Download our brochure and get in touch with Alison.

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