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Friday, 16 November 2012

Visit to BACA

Today I visited BACA (Brighton Aldridge Community Academy) which is the newset Aldridge Community Academy build (opened September, 2011). Throughout the day I was impressed by the open, clean and fluid space which is illustrated so well in the above picture.

I visited BACA on two grounds, the first was to attend (as a guest) the Aldridge Foundation Away Day and share my skills in Digital Learning with the Foundation. The second was to tour the school with their IT Manager and learn from their recent experience in procurement and implementation processes. The following is a visual snapshot of what I saw.

Music room:

Welcome area looking in:

Main spine:

Communal I.C.T:

Finger print enabled printing:

More communal I.C.T:

Flexible hall space:

BACA stand:

View from stage:

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