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Sunday, 17 February 2013

@BETT_Show 2013 - The Final Day

Sorry it has take so long to post but here we go...

So, still not feeling myself I headed to BETT for my final day at the show this year. I went on a last ditch trawl of the stands, looking for any gems of Edtech gold! Although I didn’t see any ‘game changing’ products or services, I did spot these diamonds along the way -

Timocco (

The Timocco experience provides a safe, educational and empowering gaming environment for children, and a platform that encourages the coping of everyday difficulties like physical or cognitive dysfunctions. The company say that their vision is to provide those children in need with a friendly gaming environment, which allows them to become active and engaged in a fun and challenging activity, just like other children surrounding them.

See the below video for more information:

AHA Screen - 84’ (
I mentioned my shock in an earlier post that so many companies were still pushing projector-based technology at BETT, however, there were also equally as many showcasing the latest in touch-screen LED technology. The stand out of these screens for me at BETT had to be the AHA 84' Penta Board screen, the screen from this South Korean manufacturer was sporting the latest in dual sensing technology.

See below for more information:

Clicker Apps (

I have always been a big fan of Clicker applications and was pleased to see a new range of Clicker Apps for iOS at BETT. These new apps combine classic Clicker features with the latest classroom technology and give pupils access to proven literacy support tools developed specifically for the iPad.
Each app focuses on one key aspect of Clicker 6 and has a child-friendly, designed-for-touch interface perfectly suited to learners across the primary age range.

 See the below video for more information: