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Friday, 10 May 2013 - Worth checking out?

Was recommended to check out the other day by a colleague and thought it worthy of a mention on this blog.

What is Quibly?
Quibly is a members-only community that aims to help parents give their kids a head start in this connected world. But the story behind that is that we parents are raising kids in a world that is changing all the time..

While the age-old stuff still applies (we want them to be happy, warm, safe, healthy, well-fed, inquisitive and so on), we also want our kids to stand proud and equipped when they take their first step on the career ladder. We want them to enjoy creative pursuits of which we could only dream. We want to keep them safe from risks that, as adults, we don’t always see or understand. And we want them to be surprised and impressed that we, their boring old parents, actually know about some very cool stuff.

“65% of today’s grade school kids will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet” (US Dept of Labor) – that’s the future for which we’re trying to prepare our kids. Our school days two or three decades ago were vastly different to those of a child today. They submit maths homework online and the results are waiting at school the next day. We did ours in a rush on the bus. 3D printers can produce chocolate bars at home, we aspired to a daisy wheel printer.

We want to understand the amazing lives our kids have in front of them and help support their interests and their education. We want to know about the incredible new technology and opportunities out there for them. We know we’re not alone.

I would definitely suggest is worth a browse -->