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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Brilliant Staff C.P.D

I was delighted to attend a recent IPACA staff C.P.D session on AfL (Assessment for Learning) and see a range of Digital Learning aids being used to support the session. I arrived slightly late for the event and was welcomed by a classroom full of eager Primary colleagues exchanging views on AfL via Wordle.

The use of this resource beat normal paired discussion or group mind mapping and enabled everyone an opportunity to contribute. See below for Wordle results:

Following Wordle we had further examples of Digital Learning aids with a video shot on an iPad modelling AfL practice from the Early Years classroom. The ease which the video was created and the instance ability to share on the IWB (with the right cable) proved an excellent learning aid.

Finally, we were modeled how to use the iPad App 'Screen-Chomp' as a tool to aid AfL and differentiation.

All in all it was a fantastic evening of C.P.D led by teachers for teacher - which in my personal opinion is always the most powerful form of C.P.D. A Wordle featuring feedback from the session is included below: