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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Chromebook Wallpaper

In the Google Admin console, you can configure policies for your organisation's Chrome devices according to who signs in. This includes replacing the default wallpaper with your own custom wallpaper. You can upload images in JPG format (.jpg or .jpeg files) up to a maximum size of 16 megabytes. Other file types are not supported.

Here at IPACA, Mr. Coelho has just put the following images together to use -

The above all support our new 'Behaviour for Learning' policy which is being launched at IPACA this week. Following the first image being used today, it was great to get the following email from a Year 11 student -
Hi sir, I don't know who changes the Chromebook wallpaper if its you or other IT Tech people I just wanted to say that the one you put up was very good and I was wondering if every month we could have a new inspirational picture on our Chromebooks, instead of the same one all the time.You might have to send out a email to ask if student will like this but I think that it would be great to have a inspirational picture or quote on our Chromebook screens that we will see at school.
I am pleased to say that Mr. Coelho is getting students in Art Club to design the next set of backgrounds and I look forward to sharing what they produce with you all soon.