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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Google Basics for Teaching Course

Teachers at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy have been taking part in the 'Google Basics for Teaching Course' - link available here.

Today I had an email from Primary Teacher, Nikki Fryer, with her permission I would like to share this with you all -

Gary, I managed to find the time to complete the Google Basics Course today and I got my certificate! Attached as proof! 
I would be interested in other opportunities like this. 
The best thing for me was being able to do this course partly at home, partly in work and partly on the bus!
Incidentally, although I did not in the end do every single bit of coursework, I completed the project and my skills in uploading and sharing not only documents but pictures and music have increased by a mile. I've also learnt to use digital equipment in IPACA that I have not used before...
Thank-you to Nikki for allowing me to share this with everyone, I look forward to hearing many more success stories.

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