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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Following Google's amazing announcement today I have shared the following with all staff here at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy -

If anyone had any doubts about the use of Google Apps for Education, there has been a HUGE announcement from Google today that from this Autumn all Google Apps for Education Users will automatically have UNLIMITED STORAGE (previously users were limited to 30GB each).

Full announcement here -

I personally believe this is a game changer for Education.

When you couple this with the following -

- Microsoft Office is available now on a Chromebook -

- SMART Notebook (Whiteboard Software) is available now on a Chromebook -

- Photoshop will soon be available for Chromebooks -

These announcements serve to highlight the strength of our decision to go 1:1 with Chromebooks last year.

As we move forward and look towards Maritime House, Chromebooks will be an even stronger feature. I urge you where possible to move ALL YOUR FILES to Google Drive and manage your digital life through this platform.

I also encourage you to continue to share practice with each other, there are some amazing things going on throughout IPACA (check out the Twitter feeds for examples). Attend the Engage, Innovate and Inspire workshops (new timetable coming very shortly) and catch up on those you may have missed at

Google Apps for Education really is the future and we are at the cutting edge in the UK.

Exciting times!

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