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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Google Classroom - Guest post from @IPACAMath

The following is a guest post from IPACA Maths Teacher and Google Certified Educator, Lea Spencer (@IPACAMath) 

I have had time to see how Google Classroom works now. In simple terms it is a work diary and will set up your folders and documents for the work your students will do, saving a lot of time and emails.

You can set a timed piece of work if you choose over a lesson - the students do the work as they have admin rights to the document (shared with you so you can comment on it). Once time is up they no longer have editing rights. You then mark it.

It is amazingly easy to use, so easy that in five minutes you can have it set up for your classes.

Go to - or type in the search bar.
Choose teacher as you should be logged into your IPACA gmail account already (may need to scroll down to see this). Then google guides you through it, click the + to add a group, then select students to add students. You can give students a code to add themselves to save time should you choose. This is possible to complete in the first five minutes of a lesson and only needs to be done once.

If you speak to anyone using it I am sure they will agree that it is so simple to use. It is taking place of my planner now, homeworks are very trackable through it, and classwork is very easy to set if you are sending them to links online.

Come and see me any lunch apart from Monday and I can help if you get stuck.

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