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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Chromebooks Impacting Dance

Chromebooks are having a huge impact across the curriculum here at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy. The surrounding pictures show the portable devices being used in Dance. Having access to the internet means students can research other dances to inspire them. This makes students’ digital logbooks of activity – which are created in Google Docs – much richer.

It is clear that the use of Chromebooks and Google Apps has helped speed up progress in lessons. Now students can perform, film, review and make improvements to their dance within the space of a lesson; all with the help of the teacher, who has shared access to their Docs. The fact that the class is now learning two dances this term, rather than one, is proof of this faster progress. “Children can progress more quickly now, as everything is more instantaneous with Google Apps and Chromebooks. I can be comment on a student’s Doc during the class so they can improve the work as they go, rather than waiting to receive it back after marking the next week,” says Angela Williams, Head of Dance and Director of Performance for IPACA.

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