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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Awesome idea - a little expensive though

Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, this Dubai-based company has created a modular set of components that act as the building blocks for a multitude of different furniture pieces. The kit includes only four types of connections and relies mainly on one type of block — a bar with connecting holes along its length. Using bars of different lengths, kids can put the blocks together in ways that suit them — whether it’s a chair, table, bed or even a fort — as well as being able to choose their favorite colors. The blocks are made from a versatile MDF-like solution called Liquid Wood, which means they are lightweight but also durable. The video below shows OLLA furniture being assembled:

Parents (or teachers) can buy as many blocks as they like through the current Indiegogo campaign — single blocks start from USD 6, while enough kit to build a chair is USD 228, up to USD 1,229 for a cabin bed. Not only do kids get furniture for their room, but they also get to design and modify it themselves, offering an element of creativity and achievement. Are there other ways to help kids have a bigger say in the products they use?


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