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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Great Digital Leader Meeting - #DLChat

We had a great Digital Leaders meeting here at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy tonight. Read below to see what we got up to -

Group One - This group worked with former IPACA pupil Will to continue exploring the world of online audio recording and made the below podcast:

Group Two - Our second group tonight worked with Mr. Day to create a new device to power our 65" digital display. Previously this screen was being powered by a Macbook Pro with an Apple TV connected. Digital Leaders felt these devices could be much better placed in a classroom to support learning and instead swapped the Apple kit out for a Raspberry Pi.

Group Two are going to pick up on this again next week, but already they have got the display up and running and are exploring how a Makey Makey invention kit can be used to refresh the digital display.

Close - To close the meeting we all headed down to the Sports Hall where we all had a go at flying IPACA's new AR Drone.

Check out the video below of it below in action -