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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Great new features coming to Socrative

Just had some great news from Socrative (which I featured on this blog before - click here for my previous post) -

We are excited to announce we’ll be launching  Socrative 2.0 in the next few weeks! Socrative 2.0 will include a brand new design, in addition to a variety of features you have been asking for.  (Catch a sneak peak below!)

Good News: You will NOT need to make any changes or updates to your current accounts or apps.

1. Student Quiz Navigation
Students can now work through student-paced activities in their own order. They can skip questions, go back or move directly to any question.  You’ll view their progress during the whole experience.  


2. Common Core Tagging
Tag your assessments by Common Core State Standards.  This will be a first step to help teachers and curriculum experts begin to match assessments to standards.  We’ll learn together and as always, improve the process based on your feedback.

common core tagging.png

You can now use Socrative for visual learning! Upload an image to any multiple choice or short answer question!

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