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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Year 7 - 100WC

I am currently working once a week with a Year 7 intervention group at IPACA with a focus on developing writing skills. As part of this work the learners have written responses to the ‘100 Word Challenge’ (more information available at:, these now form a blog -

At the end of our lesson today I asked the learners a couple of questions about the 100WC and include below a selection of their responses:

Q. What did you learn today?

A. That I have a good imagination.
A.  How to feel surprised from lots of comments from people in Russia and other countries.

A. How to write a comment
A.  That people all over the world can see your work.

 Q. What do you think of 100WC?

A. I fell happy that an audience can see my work. This is so cool!
A. I thought it was an amazing experience and I love reading people's comments.

It would be fantastic if you could spare one minute to check this site occasionally to see the writing produced by this group and comment on the work. I would encourage you to make a positive comment on the efforts made but also add a question or thought to foster improvement.

It is hoped that this will be a running project that more learners could benefit from in the future.