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Friday, 7 December 2012

An Update

I have been meaning to share a more general update about my role and work but haven't had the chance to write anything down yet. I attended a Teaching and Learning meeting at RM Campus on Wednesday night though and shared my role with the Head of Departments. I think the minutes of this meeting give a great overview of my role and work, I include them below for everyone to see:

The ‘Digital Learning Revolution at IPACA ‘– Gary Spracklen

- Gary introduced himself and described his work so far at IPACA.  

- A major thrust for the new academy will be to exploit the advantages that greater use of technology can bring to T and L practice. Focus will be on the learners and how using technology in lessons can impact positively on student outcomes.

- 120 students across the academy how applied to become digital leaders.

- Current focus is on ensuring that the ICT infrastructure is robust enough to support all that we will need it to do – as yet no ICT supplier. Will go out to tender in February 2013.

- Core group meets every fortnight. Next meeting in library at RM -3.30pm on Thurs 13 Dec. ICT vision for academy currently under discussion. Anyone interested urged to attend.

- Gary emphasized the importance of balancing need with wishes.

- Gary re-iterated his wish to work closely with staff. CPD sessions have begun and will continue to support staff to develop increased confidence in the use of advanced technologies.

Also in this meeting a colleague shared her experience using iPads with Business group in Year 11. ‘Socrative’ is a useful free app enabling maximum student engagement and teacher feedback and generating faster-paced learning. Students comment on how organised it seems, and on how much they appreciate the instantaneous feedback. It is possible to record students.