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Monday, 13 April 2015

#IPACALearn Champions Group Launched

As the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy begins work on our multi-million pound Maritime House Campus, we are using the time before our move to model new approaches to teaching and learning. 

Tonight, I shared with all staff how this process will be supported by the formation of a 'Champions Group'. This group will reflect on our experiences, our shared beliefs and our vision for the future. The groups initial project will be to plan and implement our model environment for learning in KS2 and KS3. This space will be located in the current Library space at Royal Manor Campus.

The Champions Group will be involved in a number of off-site visits during the Summer Term and will work with IPACA SLT and our learners to design the new space. We are very fortunate that Terry White and Dan Plunkett will be leading our Champions Group through their initial project -

The Champions Group will be involved in the following activities this coming week -

Tuesday - 1:30-4:30pm
Attendees - CHAMPIONS GROUPContent - Awareness Raising Session - Overview of best practice, UK and international examples, PBL etc.

Wednesday - 9:00-10:00am - Year 5 Osprey Quay Campus
Attendees - Year 5 Pupils OQ and Teacher Content - Pupil Awareness Raising Session - What makes your learning effective for you?

Wednesday - 11:00-12:00pm - Year 5 Southwell Campus
Attendees - Year 5 Pupils Southwell and Teacher 
Content - Pupil Awareness Raising Session - What makes your learning effective for you?

Wednesday - 1:30-4:30pm
Attendees - CHAMPIONS GROUPContent - Design Workshop - Defining learning activities, pedagogy and curriculum delivery. Agree team working and collaborative approaches. Define learning space needs. Acoustic tolerances, technology and furniture.

Thursday - 9:00-12:30pm
Attendees - Terry White and Dan PlunkettContent - Sample CAD layouts and options.

Thursday - 1:30pm-3:30pm
Attendees - CHAMPIONSContent - Prepare for design presentation and feedback session.

Thursday - 3:45pm-4:00pm - Location - Royal Manor Campus Dining Hall
Attendees - ALL STAFFContent - Design presentation and feedback session. All staff given opportunity to comment on new space designs.

I look forward to sharing the work of the Champions Group with you all in future posts.