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Thursday, 6 February 2014

#DLChat - Mixed Age Learning

Tonight saw the long overdue coming together of two exciting groups here at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy. It was a pleasure to take Digital Leaders from Royal Manor Campus down to Osprey Quay Campus to take part in 'Community Computer Fun'.

Community Computer Fun is already a very successful club which has been running since October 2013 in West Base at Osprey Quay Campus. The concept of the club is simple, young learners (many of whom are also Digital Leaders) showcase the technology they are using to their parents/wider family. It's wonderful to see young children leading the learning of their parents on things such as iPad Apps, Chromebooks and even a little Computer Science work here and there.

To read more about the club, check out this West Base Blog post.

In particular, tonight I was really impressed to see lots of mixed aged learning taking place. You can see some of this learning in the below photograph -

 There were a range of activities going on in the base tonight, including but not limited to young learners showing to their parents and in one case their grandparent how to use an iPad Mini and young learners and a Secondary Digital Leader making a stop-motion animation using iMotion HD. I also saw learners of all ages playing the Banana Piano (Makey Makey) and a young learner showing a Secondary Digital Leader how to make a game using 2DIY (Purple Mash). In addition to this, lots of other fun web-based activities were on display on the Chromebooks.

We are looking forward to making this a regular trip every Thursday for the foreseeable future.