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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Love this #IPACA challenge!

I have to pick out this #IPACA challenge from Chris Newman (Head of Faculty for T.E.D at IPACA). This is a great example of Digital Learning and I am certain it will get many of our young learners very excited about Digital Design Technology -

Can you design a house for your House?
Mr Newman recently had a very fun trip to see year six pupils, where we talked about the exciting new 3D printers. The pupils looked at some exciting objects that had been made using the machines and also looked at a designing application called Sketchup.  Sketchup is free to download and is easy to learn, using one of many YouTube tutorials. Sketchup allows you to design and make your own unique models.

Mr. Newman has also made a short video clip to demonstrate some of the key features of Sketchup -

The following challenge is now open to all Y6 students:
Mr. Newman would like you to try 'Sketchup' (for free) and design a model house, for your House (Anning, Coode, Penn or Wren).

To this, just follow the below steps:

1. Watch the video above.

2. Download the 'Sketchup' application at:
3. Get to work designing (and maybe the watch the video a few more times).
When finished, you can email Mr Newman ( and attach your cool design. Mr. Newman will then arrange for your design to be 3D printed at Royal Manor Campus.

Good luck, and most important of all, have fun.